Version 0.853

Version 0.853 Release (New Font!) POLL RESULTS!

Thank you to everyone who voted for the new font! It was also my personal favorite, and it makes the game much easier to read! I didn’t like how the old font sometimes made words look like they weren’t capitalized and some of the numbers looked weird. Anyway, here’s a quick update with the fresh font and a bit of new content! And thank you for being a valued supporter!

0.853 Changelog

  • New content
    • Greece 1668 BC
      • The Greek village in 1668 has been changed to reflect the new strategic map.
      • Added minor townsfolk to Greek Village 1668 BC.
  • Changes
    • Based on the results of the supporter poll, the font has been updated! Looks great! Thanks everyone!!!
    • The Game Launcher now has the Patreon and SubscribeStar logos and links to the respective pages.
  • Known Issues
    • Completing the Zoe door quest has a VERY disappointing ending. This sex scene is being created right now!
    • After player ends turn, sometimes the red highlight box around an NPC will not appear. This does not affect gameplay, but can be confusing. Working on fixing.
    • When Zoe is following you, she does not appear on the Thief battle map. This does not affect gameplay but will be fixed soon.
    • “Press Spacebar to End Turn” message is ugly, I know. It will be refined in the future.
    • Battles with the rogue and Heracles still use the old text system. Will be updated soon.