Kronos Time Titan

An erotic RPG strategy adventure through time…

Seduce Women

Interact with ladies from different time periods and use your quick wit and Titan Powers to get them begging for the D. Some of them will be easier to seduce than others.

Explore World Maps

Every time period has a different overworld map to explore. Enemies and beautiful woman can be encounter, as well as exotic places! Your actions in one time period will affect what happens in the future!

Bring Girls to Your Castle

Using the Titan Power, SoulSteal, you can capture girls throughout time and return them to your castle where you can interact with them. Soon, you’ll be able to choose one as a companion throughout time as well!

Game Updates Automatically!

With the Game Launcher, you can activate the game, install all of the files, and patch it whenever updates are released! No need to download massive zip files and fumble around with patches.

Earn XP and Level Up

Defeating enemies, completing quests, and stripping sexy girls will earn experience points which can be used to level up your character, making him even more powerful!

Strategic Battles!

Battles are fought on a strategic battle grid, just like other popular turn-based RPG games! Cast POWERS, attack villains, and STRIP defeated foes on your conquest to bed gorgeous girls to regain your powers!

Extensive Wardrobe!

When you collect a girl and return her to your castle, you can dress her up any way you want! She’ll continue to wear the outfit you select for her, and you can find additional clothes along your adventures!

Fresh New Content Regularly!

Each update can contain new girls to meet, places to explore, intimate scenes, sexual scenarios, and new features and powers! And as a supporter, you can contribute your own ideas as well!

”When key figures in the past suddenly changed from male to female, we knew you were literally the motherfucker who did it.”

Kronos Time Titan takes you on an adventure through time where you mate with beautiful women and defeat sexy foes in order to restore your Titan powers.

With every new Titan power unlocked you can discover new ways to seduce women and find your way into their loincloths!