Frequently Asked Questions

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    Does this game cost money?

    Kronos Time Titan is currently in development and supported by players on Patreon and SubscribeStar. Paid supporters can use the game launcher’s built-in updating system to easily patch to the latest version of the game, which is normally updated at least twice a month. In addition, supporters may also benefit from other added perks as appreciation for their support. There is a free version of the game distributed outside of the game launcher system.

    Why don’t you develop the game using this other game engine instead of the one you’re using? I think it would be better.

    There are a lot of different game engines available, but based on my programming knowledge and experience, and my vision for the game, this is the one I decided to write. I realize 90% of all adult, NSFW games are written in a popular visual novel engine, and I realize it is very easy to use, which is why there are so many of those games out there, but there are just too many features I want to include that simply aren’t possible with that other engine.

    This game is not as good as that other game on Patreon. You should make it more like that game.

    The game you’re thinking of has likely been in development for years longer than Kronos and has a budget 10-50 times larger. I am one developer who is currently spending 100% of the monthly earnings from Kronos on assets. If you would like to help support development, you are absolutely welcome to share your ideas about the game.

    This game has a trojan virus or keylogger. Are you trying to get my information?

    Some antivirus scanners will mistake certain features of a game or program as malicious because those features share a commonality with actual viruses. For example, the game launcher can download the latest pieces of the game and patch them into the existing game so players don’t have to re-download the entire game every time it is updated. An antivirus scanner may see this ability as a potential threat, since it does not know what types of files are going to be downloaded. Or, the part of the game which allows a player to type in the name he wants a character to call him could be seen as a keylogger, since the game is technically recording the player’s keyboard input as he types in a name. Some of the more aggressive antivirus scanners will flag these capabilities since they are not able to determine if their use is safe. Since my game can only be developed through the donations of kind supporters, it doesn’t benefit me to embed a keylogger into the game when the chances of being discovered are great and the chances that someone is going to do their online banking with the game running are low. For my own personal use, Windows Defender has always kept my computer secure with very infrequent false positives, and it is the only antivirus scanner I guarantee won’t cause any issues with updating or running the game. If Defender does produce a false positive when running the game, please let me know ASAP and I will submit the latest version of the game code to Microsoft for in-depth analysis so they can update their virus database and mark the game as safe for you.