Version 0.852

WARNING: Because of all the new content and featured added to this version, it IS NOT compatible with the previous save file. When you update, your previous save file will be erased.

0.852 Changelog

  • New content
    • Greece 1668 BC
      • New character: traveling merchant Hydna.
        • Interact related to quest.
        • Purchase items from her.
        • Can attack her.
        • Can strip her.
      • Door quest for Zoe
      • New dialogue options for townspeople in Greece 1669 BC.
  • New features
    • Level 2+ Perk: The Blue Fairy can be consumed when LifeForce has reached 0. This replaces the Green Fairy as the Level 2+ perk. Level 2+ players can have both the green fairy and the blue fairy.
    • Level 3+ Perk: The Red Fairy can be consumed when LifeForce has reached 0. This replaces the Green Fairy as the Level 3+ perk. Level 3+ players can have the green fairy, blue fairy and the red fairy!
    • Temperament system will change the way other characters react to you based on their fear or hatred of you. For example, Hydna will run from you and you won’t be able to purchase items from her if you attack her.
  • Changes
    • The Green Fairy (formerly the Pendant of Panacea) is now an item which can be purchased from Hydna. Level 2/3+ supporters now have access to one or two new fairies.
    • Encountering a wolf on the global map now starts a battle on the strategic map instead of the old text battle.
      • Players will face either 1, 2, or 3 wolves at a time.
    • Time Selection screen now allows players to hold down the LEFT OR RIGHT to cycle through the time periods and upon reaching the end it will automatically cycle back to the beginning, or vice-versa.
    • Added loot to the strategic battle map enemies. Prior to this it was almost impossible to get ENERGY and CURRENCY. Oops!
    • Max LifeForce changed to 40, in order to align better with changes to enemy attack strength.
  • Bugs fixed
    • Hovering over the Energy/LifeForce/Currency bars, certain other buttons, will display the pop-up info box correctly now.
    • Fixed screen not resizing when switching back from full screen mode.
    • Fixed weird bug where a giant image of Zoe was appearing to the far right of the shack map.
    • Fixed some incorrect button links in the GUIDE.
    • Lots of additional bug fixes throughout.
  • Known Issues
    • Completing the Zoe door quest has a VERY disappointing ending. This sex scene will be available in the next update.
    • After player ends turn, sometimes the red highlight box around an NPC will not appear. This does not affect gameplay, but can be confusing. Working on fixing.
    • When Zoe is following you, she does not appear on the Thief battle map. This does not affect gameplay but will be fixed soon.
    • The Greek village in 1668 has not been changed to reflect the new strategic map but will be soon.
    • “Press Spacebar to End Turn” message is ugly, I know. It will be refined in the future.
    • Battles with the rogue and Heracles still use the old text system. Will be updated soon.