Version 0.890.0 (quest update!)

Finally, a Quest Log!

This has been a great month for Kronos updates! No only does the game finally have music, but today’s update adds a Quest Log (called Hermes’ Scroll) which automatically tracks ways in which players have changed each timeline and their current goals!

The World Map UI has been freshened up as well, with new buttons for the main menu, the Stash (inventory), and the Scroll (quest log).

The Soulsteal power has been changed as well. Now players can choose to use Soulsteal on a full-stripped woman from the “Powers” icon. The odds of success have been increased from 50% to 66%.

Finally, by popular request, the witch Mary Warren can now be captured using Soulsteal! To make room for Mary Warren and the many other characters filling Castle Kronos, a new location has been added (Castle Courtyard) with Kronos will find his lovely ladies waiting for him.

0.890.0 Changelog

  • WARNING #1: Some of the new Quest information will not be loaded into Hermes’ Scroll until players select “Reset All Timelines” from the main menu. However, time period specific quest data will still load when players meet certain requirements. For the best experience, select “Reset All Timelines” once after updating to 0.890.0.
  • WARNING #2: A new character has been added to the clothing menu. In order for her clothing to load properly, players should select “Reset Girls’ Clothes” once from the main menu after updating to version 0.890.0.
  • New Features
    • Hermes’ Scroll: Players can view a quest/event log from the stash menu to see how Kronos has altered the time periods and receive clues on their current goals.
  • New Locations
    • Castle Kronos Courtyard
      • Found just next to Castle Kronos on the map, this courtyard is another location where girls may be hanging out.
  • Character: Mary Warren (SoulSteal unlock)
    • There is a 66% chance this character can now be captured when completely stripped.
  • Changes
    • World Map UI: Much cleaner with the following changes:
    • Hermes’ Scroll Button: A button to access Hermes’ Scroll directly has been added to the world maps.
    • Menu Button: The menu button on the world map has been revised to match the style of the other buttons.
    • Soulsteal Button: A dedicated button has been added to use the Soulsteal power. Once a girl has been stripped completely, players can use the Soulsteal option in the Powers menu.
    • UI: Made some adjustments to pop-up menu in the strategic maps. Much cleaner now, and menu doesn’t pop back up again after selecting strip, which made no sense.
    • Increased Soulsteal success chance from 50% to 66%.
    • Looting is automatic once a girl has been stripped to 0.
    • Captured girls are assigned to either the Castle Kronos  throneroom or courtyard, so there is a 100% chance of finding them in one of these two areas.
    • Added Patron button to main menu screen.
    • Moving the mouse cursor over icons on the left of the map will reveal the button name.
  • Bugs Fixed
    • Using Soulsteal on The Thief would not remove her from the grid when successful.
    • Talking to Hydna in Castle Kronos would produce an error message.
    • Players were able to strip NPCs again and again without ending their turn.
    • Players could loot a stripped girl, then kill her to get double the loot. Now players can only loot a character once.
    • Clicking the “Learn How to Support on Patreon” option would cause an error.
    • Brittany was not wearing her default outfit in Castle Kronos. Naughty girl!
  • Known Issues
    • Additional quest information will continue to be added to Hermes’ Scroll in order to aid players in knowing what to do. Please report situations where additional prompting would be helpful.
    • Musical tracks are still being added and adjusted. Some music may not fit certain scenes at the moment. Report any mismatching music or tracks which are too soft or loud.
    • Enemies don’t always attack when they should. Fleeing enemies will stop moving once they leave the screen.
    • If Energy amount exceeds Max Energy, the meter will extend outside of the area.
    • Players can purchase and find new clothing items even if they have already been purchased or found. This does not affect gameplay but may lead players to think they found something new when they already have it.
    • When Zoe or Brittany are following you they do not appear on any other strategic maps you travel to. This does not affect gameplay but will be fixed with the companion system.