Version 0.856


WARNING: Because of the new animation player, you are strongly urged to delete your current save from the Main Menu after updating to this version.

  • New content
    • Greece 1668 BC
      • Zoe main storyline completed
      • Sex with pregnant Zoe scene
        • Animated with speed controls.
  • New features
    • Video Player: New video player programmed into the game can play videos for special scenes.
  • New Patreon Perk (Patreon Level 3+)
    • Special Titan Power to change what each girl calls you (Master, Daddy, Husband, Lover, Sex God, Captain, Fuckboy, or whatever you want!)
      • Currently works with Zoe, Hydna, and Hera.
  • Changes
    • Beginning of Time
      • Fixed holes in the map. Rearranged some object locations. Changed Kronos start location.
    • Patreon Level 4 token added with corresponding bonus perks.
  • Bugs fixed
    • Cleaned up inconsistent text colors for dialogue with Zoe and standardized colors (Kronos is dark blue; girls are pink or purple; men are light blue; enemies are red; narration is white; menu titles are yellow. Additional cleanup forthcoming.
  • Upcoming (in the works)
    • Sound effects
    • Voice acting for major characters
    • New Time Periods
      • Salem 1669
      • Salem 1969
      • San Francisco 1969
    • New Characters
      • Sarina the 18+ Witch
      • Helda (Sarina’s Aunt)
      • Zilda (Sarina’s Aunt)
    • New animations
    • Mobile companion app
      • Connects with PC game to allow players to interact with characters on the go!
      • Progress, currency, energy, and items are transferred between the mobile app and PC game.
    • More text color standardizing and dialogue cleanup.
  • Known Issues
    • After player ends turn, sometimes the red highlight box around an NPC will not appear. This does not affect gameplay, but can be confusing. Working on a fix.
    • When Zoe is following you, she does not appear on the Thief battle map. This does not affect gameplay but will be fixed soon.
    • “Press Spacebar to End Turn” message is ugly, I know. It will be refined in the future.
    • Even when all Action Points have been expended, player can still use the Titan Jump and Rewind powers.
    • Battles with the rogue and Heracles still use the old text system. Will be updated in the future.