Version 0.857

WARNING: Because of all the new content and features added to this version, it IS NOT compatible with the previous save file. Make sure you Delete Save Data from the game menu after updating.

0.857 Changelog

  • New content
    • Salem 1969 Timeline (See Known Issues Below)
      • Added timeline, but no main characters or stories added yet.
      • New enemy: Mary Warren
        • Can talk to, attack, and strip
      • New enemy: Tituba
        • Can talk to, attack, and strip
    • Greece 1669/1668 BC
      • New enemy: Alala
        • Can talk to, attack, and strip
  • Changes
    • Re-wrote a lot of code so the game will still run without an internet connection. Perks promised to Patreon supporters, beta features, and connection to the mobile companion app still require a connection at startup only (this will never change as it is part of a promise made to long-time supporters).
    • Based on supporter feedback, all notices related to having an internet connection and any nag screens as a result of running the game without a Patreon activation have been removed.
  • Bugs fixed
    • Fixed broken code which made it so enemies with a 3+ temper wouldn’t attack Kronos unless their task was to attack. Now, characters who don’t run from Kronos when attacked will fight back.
    • Fixed bug where killing Hydna in 1669 would not remove her from 1668.
    • Streamlined some code so the game runs a little faster with fewer resources.
  • Known Issues
    • Sometimes when starting a new timeline in Salem 1669 the Kronos player token will stay gray and players will be unable to move again. Restart the timeline once or twice until you can move freely again. This will be patched in a hotfix update on June 22nd.
    • Battle map locations do not currently change based on the tile in which players encounter an enemy.
    • After player ends turn, sometimes the red highlight box around an NPC will not appear. This does not affect gameplay, but can be confusing. Working on fixing.
    • When Zoe is following you, she does not appear on the Thief battle map. This does not affect gameplay but will be fixed soon.
    • Battles with the rogue and Heracles still use the old text system. Will be updated soon.
  • Upcoming (in the works)
    • Companion system allowing Kronos to “capture” women and take them with him to his home base at the End of Time.
    • Paperdoll clothing system allowing players to purchase articles of clothing and accessories throughout time and force conquered women to wear them.
    • Sound effects
    • Voice acting for major characters
    • New Time Periods
      • Salem 1669
      • San Francisco 1969
    • New Characters
      • Sarina the 18+ Witch
      • Helda (Sarina’s Aunt)
      • Zilda (Sarina’s Aunt)
    • New animations
    • Mobile companion app
      • Connects with PC game to allow players to interact with characters on the go!
      • Progress, currency, energy, and items are transferred between the mobile app and PC game.
    • More text color standardizing and dialogue cleanup.