Version 23.10.20

23.10.20 Changelog

  • New Content
    • New Scenes
      • Ophelia (fucked from behind)
        • Find Ophelia in the castle in Cypress and choose the right dialogue options to fuck her from behind.
      • 2 new random encounters with random women (nude scenes)
    • New Dialogue
      • Ophelia
        • New options to initiate fucking scene while she is suspended by chains.
      • Dialogue added with 2 random encounters.
    • New Time Echo
      • Princess Ophelia: Pussy Punisher
  • Fixed
    • Ophelia scene would freeze under the right circumstances.
    • Dialogue freezing issues.
  • Known Issues
    • Some of the girls at Castle Kronos can be attacked. This is not an intended behavior.
    • MAJOR: Interactions with characters may cause the game to become unresponsive. This is being investigated and will be fixed ASAP.
    • Some of the Time Echos are still not functioning correctly. They will be fixed in the next update.
    • If a player kills a character and loots clothing, the clothing pop-up may not disappear before a quest update pop-up is triggered, causing the quest pop-up to not appear. The quest update will still be activated, however, and the information about the quest update will still show in the Quest Scroll.
    • Changing the display from windowed mode to fullscreen will cause any currently playing video to disappear. Changing a video scene angle will restore the video.
    • Completed quests do not award experience at this time.