Version 0.901.0

0.901.0 Changelog

NOTE: In order for the outfits to appear correctly, players will need to execute a “Timeline Rewind” after updating to this version. Due to a complete rewrite of the wardrobe/clothing system, previously acquired clothing will not appear in the wardrobe and will need to be re-obtained. All of the default clothes will be available, but any clothing found as loot or purchased from characters in the game will need to be found again.

  • New Features
    • Default Outfit: Each girl comes pre-loaded with her default outfit. When changing a girl’s outfit in the wardrobe menu, players can click the “default” button to instantly revert to her original outfit.
  • New Content
    • New Scene: Summer will strip for you when you advance the “Kronos: Mermaid Hunter” questline.
    • Quest expanded: “Kronos: Mermaid Hunter” quest has additional content.
  • Changes
    • Major: The clothing system and wardrobe has been completed rewritten to accommodate stats for each clothing item.
    • “RESET GIRLS’ CLOTHES” option has been removed from the main menu as all outfits will be properly restore while doing a timeline reset.
  • Fixed
    • A few typos during mermaid sisters dialogue.
  • Known Issues
    • SPECIAL NOTE: There are some reports that players updating from a previous version of the game are not seeing the clothing options in the wardrobe. This issue is being investigated. Brand new game saves (or using the RESET SAVE option in the menu) do not appear to be affected by this issue. Please report any problems where clothing you believe should be available in the wardrobe does not appear.
    • Game will sometimes freeze up when rewinding time.
    • Volume dropdown bar may not appear to be the correct size.
    • Changing the display from windowed mode to fullscreen will cause any currently playing video to disappear. Changing a video scene angle will restore the video.
    • Completed quests do not award experience at this time. This will be added in a future update.
    • Clicking on a character will sometimes not display the character name and health above the character’s head the first time.