Version 0.892.0 (experience and level-ups!)

WARNING: Older saves are NOT compatible with this version. Updating to this version WILL erase all save progress including captured girls. Unlocked outfits are stored on the game server and are not affected by this update.

0.892.0 Changelog

  • New Features
    • Stats-based Battles! Now attack damage will be calculated based on attack and defense values.
    • Experience Points! Players earn experience points for killing or stripping enemies and completing quests (quest exp coming soon).
    • Level-Up! Upon reaching experience points milestones, players can select from three attributes to improve: attack power, defense power, and maximum LifeForce.
    • Kronos Status Menu: Players can view the current level progression for Kronos and his attack, defense, and LifeForce status from the new menu!
    • Enemy Level Indicator: When you click on an NPC their level will appear inside of the red health bubble above their head.
  • New Content
    • New Characters:
      • Zeus: Found at Mt. Olympus
      • Poseidon: Found at Mt. Olympus
      • Thor: Found at Mt. Olympus
      • Mírmir: Found at Mt. Olympus
    • Level Up Scenes:
      • Upon reaching levels 1-6 players are rewarded with explicit scenes with various girls throughout time! Levels 7+ currently repeat scenes from 1-6.
      • Additional level-up scenes will be added in subsequent updates!
  • Changes
    • Beginning of Time map expanded to accommodate Hera’s new location and a low-level wolf enemy.
    • Hera moved to a new location at The Beginning of Time.
    • Using a fairy will restore health completely rather than a fixed amount.
    • UI: World Map UI updated. Buttons have been repositioned.
    • UI: Stash and Quest Scroll screens improved.
  • Fixed
    • Characters without full outfits sets would load on the strategic grid smaller than they should and not positioned correctly in their respective tile.
  • Known Issues
    • The exp and level system is brand new. There will be many opportunities to balance and adjust the enemy levels, experience awards, and other unforeseen situations. Please report any exploits or frustrations with the system.
    • Completed quests do not award experience at this time. This will be added in a future update.
    • There is no level cap currently in place, but the game has not been tested above level 20.
    • Clicking on a character will sometimes not display the character name and health above the character’s head the first time. Working on a fix.
    • Titan Power (Control) not working on all girls at the moment and may cause an error. Working on a fix.
    • Enemies don’t always attack when they should. Fleeing enemies will stop moving once they leave the screen.
    • If Energy amount exceeds Max Energy, the meter will extend outside of the area.
    • Players can purchase and find new clothing items even if they have already been purchased or found. This does not affect gameplay but may lead players to think they found something new when they already have it.
    • When Zoe or Brittany are following you they do not appear on any other strategic maps you travel to. This does not affect gameplay but will be fixed with the companion system.

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