Version 0.880.0

Happy New Year! Supporters in December can now access their bonus outfits from the clothing menu! Be sure to update to the latest version first, then check out the new clothes!

0.880.0 Changelog
  • New Content
    • Added clothing assets for Jan 2021 bonus outfits.
  • Changes
    • Now using new game updating system for increased speed.
    • Game version switched to format. Versions now include a second decimal place to indicate a third version number to comply with standard versioning: major, minor, and patch. For example, instead of version 0.880 it’s 0.880.0
  • Bugs fixed
    • Major: killing an enemy would make it so other enemies would not always load properly back on the map.
    • Fixed some incorrect save location references
    • Minor tweaks
  • Known Issues
    • Players are able to strip NPCs again and again without ending their turn.
    • Salem Town Square may be buggy as the storyline related to it is in active development.
    • If Energy amount exceeds Max Energy, the meter will extend outside of the area.
    • Movement tiles stay visible during dialogue.
    • Players can purchase and find new clothing items even if they have already been purchased or found. This does not affect gameplay but may lead players to think they found something new when they already have it.
    • Battle map locations do not currently change based on the tile in which players encounter an enemy.
    • When Zoe or Brittany are following you they do not appear on any other strategic maps you travel to. This does not affect gameplay but will be fixed.
    • Battles with the rogue and Heracles still use the old text-based battle system. Will be updated.
  • Upcoming (in the works)
    • In-game tutorial
    • Companion system allowing Kronos to bring one girl with him on adventures through time.
    • Sound effects
    • Music
    • Voice acting for major characters
    • New Time Periods
      • San Francisco 1969
    • New Characters
      • Mercy
      • Sarina the 18+ Witch
    • New animations