Development Status

Updated 2021/09/12
Version 0.898.2

Please refer to the following guide for information on what content and features are currently incomplete or in active development.

Tool Tips overlay (tutorial)15%non-functional
Inventory (called the Stash)85%functional
Quest Log (called Hermes’ Scroll)75%functional
Clothing attributes (armor, sluttiness)40%non-functional
Companion system (take girls with you)30%non-functional
Slut Skills (powers girls have)10%non-functional
Titan Powers/Magic in Battles15%limited
Wardrobe Menu85%functional
In-Game Music50%functional
In-Game Sound Effects10%non-functional
In-Game Character Voiceovers10%postponed
Salem Town Square80%incomplete
Battle System75%functional
Power: Grab50%non-functional
Location: Salem School70%incomplete
Location: Salem Church30%inaccessible
Location: Mount Olympus60%incomplete
Location: Castle Kronos35%incomplete
Time Period: San Francisco50%incomplete
Time Period: Pleasure Planet20%non-functional

This is not a complete list of every feature, location, and character. It is merely provided as a way to help players know what locations and functionality may not be working properly during development.