World Map

Depending on which time period you selected, you will see the Kronos token appear somewhere on a world map. The top of the screen shows the current place and time.

You can click any visible part of the map to instruct Kronos to move to that location. He can move up to 10 spaces through normal terrain before the other characters (NPCs) get to take a turn. The Kronos token will change from color to gray while this is happening. Don’t worry too much about planning your spaces out perfectly. The NPCs move around the map and you can always find them again.

When Kronos lands on a space he can explore, like a town or special landmark, the game will automatically change to the Strategy Grid.

He can also encounter NPCs on the map who may talk to him or do battle. These NPCs may be human, animal, or mythical creature.

Move your mouse to the left edge of the screen and a slide out panel will appear with a number of options available.

KRONOS BUTTON: View the current Experience and Level progress, Attack power, Defense strength, and maximum LifeForce of Kronos. As you earn experience points and increase in levels, you can visit this menu to check how powerful Kronos has become.

SCROLL BUTTON: Use this to access Kronos’ personal quest log of events which have occurred in different time periods. Events which transcend time will remain, but events which occurred in a specific period will be reset if you rewind time in that period, and your scroll will reflect those changes!

STASH BUTTON: Think of this as your inventory. When Kronos acquires items they will be displayed in the stash menu.

GIRLS BUTTON: Check out the girls Kronos has captured or convinced to return with him to Castle Kronos. A harem, if you will.

POWERS BUTTON: These are the Titan Powers which Kronos has currently unlocked and available to him.

TRAVEL BUTTON: Click on it to choose a different location and time period in which to travel. All of your progress in your current time period will be saved, so feel free to jump around to different time periods!

REWIND BUTTON: This beautiful button allows you to jump back to the beginning of the timeline you are currently in. This will NOT affect the other timelines, so if you killed the wolf on Mt. Olympus, but you’re currently in Greece 1669 BC and you select REWIND, you will reset the Greece 1669 BC map ONLY, and the wolf will remain dead in Olympus.

There are a few reasons you’ll want to REWIND.

  • You messed up a conversation with a girl and want to meet her again for the first time.
  • You killed all of the enemies and you want to kill them again to get more Energy and Currency.
  • You want to replay an intimate or sexual scene again.
  • You accidentally killed someone you needed to talk to, or attacked someone who is now afraid of you and won’t cooperate.

Don’t be afraid to activate REWIND as often as you want! Your LifeForce will be fully restored and if you have the blue and/or red fairies, those will be replenished as well!

MENU BUTTON: The gear-emblazoned icon allows you to return to the main menu in order to change the game’s settings.

Remember! Activating REWIND will reset everything you did in that time period. While you’ll still keep your Energy, Currency, any unlocked Titan Powers, and clothes you’ve discovered for girls, everything you did in that timeline will reset.

EXIT BUTTON: Click this, and your amazing time with Kronos will come to an end. Don’t worry, your progress is autosaved, ready for when you come back!