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Kronos Time Titan features multiple quests which can be activated by visiting certain locations or talking to certain characters. These quests are logged in the "Scroll" and can be restarted once completed. Players may need to travel to different time periods or even rewind a timeline in order to complete a quest.

List of Quests[edit]

NOTE: This list is currently incomplete.

Gotta Catch 'Em All!

Meet Hera.. this would be your first character to meet in beginning of time stage. so far this quest is still under development 
1. talk to Hera to start 
2. she'll tell about how to get your powers back.. or at least new powers 
3. this will tie into other quests 
    1. Show me them titties
    2. Hunting for Hera

Gotta Get Faster![edit]

Bitch Broke My Power![edit]

She Was So Innocent![edit]

Show Me Them Titties[edit]

Meet Hera.. this would be your first character to meet in beginning of time stage. to complete this quest is as followed
1. talk to hera, she'll tell you how to strip other girls for exp,, she gives you permission to strip her 
2. each time you strip her you would want to talk to her. she'll give out a different dialog 
3. after stripping her another quest will tie into this
    1. Hunting for Hera
    2. Gotta Catch them all

Hunting for Pussy[edit]

This quest can be found in the Beginning of Time by speaking to Artemis who is just south of Mount Olympus.

1. Talk to Artemis and she will tell you that she is searching for Actaeon, who has been given the Titan Power of Time Travel.
2. Head South until you reach a clearing with a rocky area in the middle, this is where you will find Actaeon.
3. Fight him until you are able to kill him, however when you attempt to do so, he will run away instead.
4. Head back to Artemis to find Actaeon attempting to (forcibly) have sex with Artemis.
5. Charge at Actaeon to knock him down causing him to hit his head on a rock and die. Artemis will then reveal that Actaeon placed a curse on her that will kill her by at the end of the day.
    This causes her to agree to have sex with Kronos, allowing him to get his Time Travel power back.

Hunting for Hera[edit]

1, Hera tells you in order to convince her to come to the castle you will need to bring her three items
    1.1 bottle of lotion
    1.2 a first kiss
    1,3 a stolen orgasm
These items are tied to other quest as your traveling through time.
    2.1 a stolen orgasm / Doesn't have a quest line
    2.2 a first kiss. / Ties into schoolgirls 
    2.3 bottle of lotion. ties into special witch lotion
2. how to get the stolen orgasm.
Go to greece 1669 bc or 1668 bc.. either one works.. and look for the thief roaming around. Be careful, she brought her pet along.

Get her health low enough not to kill her.. you'll want to strip her cloths off one by one untill nothin is left.  you'll want to use your soul stealing powers to wish her away to your castle

Go to the end of time an go to the spot above your castle.. interact with the thief  you'll be goin throw a brief cutscene.. you'll get the option to steal the panties once shes done

A Place to Blow Off Some Steam[edit]

talk to the slave owner about the slave. an pay 80$.. he replys to bring her back an to find a area in town to use her.. best place is north east  where you'll see reddish colored flowers drapying over a wooden structure, go in the area an make sure she is under the structure as well.. interact with her by talking an she'll say this is a good spot..  quest complete

Concubine Cum[edit]

Upon entering a village in Greece 1669 BC you find a young slave girl along side a chubby slave owner standing in the square.. if you try to talk to the slave girl she'll refer you to talk to her owner.. interact with the owner for a bargain of the slave girl. You can either pay 80 to use her or pay 400 to own her.  once paid you can take her to the far east of the map to have sex with her.  quest completed

Those Tiny Toes[edit]

Cum Guzzler[edit]

What a Beautiful Smile[edit]

I Like Fast Girls[edit]


Behind Closed Doors[edit]

Greece 1668 BC you find a abandoned cabin in the woods. enter the cabin an you'll fine zoe pregnant as ever, she'll request to have sex again since its been so long. but befor you could do anything, wolfs attack. return to zoe once they are killed off.  she'll ask if you could install a door. before anything else can happen. 
once you have bought a door you can enter the cabin. an install it after talkin to zoe..  she'll move to the back of the room. an you'll be able to have sex with her again.  quest complete

Kronos: Mermaid Hunter[edit]

(instructions incomplete)

  1. ???
  2. After giving the pearls to Summer, she will tell you to come back later. If you keep talking to her, she will become upset and continue to tell you to come back later. It may seem like you need to allow a certain amount of real time to pass, but this is actually not true. Keep talking to her and eventually she will tell you the necklace is finished. You don't even need to leave the map.
  3. ???

Save the Sister, Fuck the World[edit]

Puritang! Am I Right?[edit]

A Boatload of Seamen[edit]

Witch Snatch[edit]

Set a Bird Free[edit]

Special Witch's Lotion[edit]


Zoe Needs a Door, Again[edit]

talk to zoe at the castle. she'll ask if you could replace her chamber door.. you want to go back to your door buyer in greece. talk to zoe again an install the door.. you can now have sex with her anytime you like as long as you don't rewind time in this zone.