Version 23.02.11

23.02.11 Changelog

  • New Content (MAJOR UPDATE)
    • New Scenes
      • Erotic scenes with Billie at the school in Salem 1969.
      • New Dialogue
        • Additional dialogue with Billie.
      • Quest progression for Sarina and Billie questlines.
    • Changes
      • Major: Game versioning has been changed to a date ordering system. There are several reasons:
        • It fits the theme of the game better, given that Kronos Time Titan is centered around the manipulation of time.
        • The majority of the game’s core features have been implimented, but to update the game to version 1.0 suggests that the game is nearing the conclusion of content and feature additons and this is not even remotely the case. So long as there is continued growing support for Kronos Time Titan, development of this game and the cross-platform sequel will continue.
        • The previous versioning system could lead the staff of some game tracking websites to believe that more signficiant updates featuring content additions were merely trivial.
      • New content will feature a (MAJOR UPDATE) tag in order to emphasize the fact that an update features new content. This content is not always explicitely stated in the changelog in order to preserve spoilers for fans who wish to know what to look for but not told exactly what is going to happen. Hopefully this will resolve any issues with game tracking website staff misunderstanding the importance of an update.
    • Fixed
      • Progress was not saving after dialogue with some characters.
    • Known Issues
      • Pressing ESC to bring up the main menu only works once. After that, players can only bring up the main menu by using the menu button in the side panel.
      • Changing the display from windowed mode to fullscreen will cause any currently playing video to disappear. Changing a video scene angle will restore the video.
      • Completed quests do not award experience at this time. This will be added in a future update.