Version 0.899.4 (Nov 2021 Bonus Outfits!)

0.899.4 Changelog

  • New Content
    • Monthly Bonus Outfits
      • Alala: mermaid dress
      • Mercy: green bodysuit
      • Hestia: blue sparkly boyshorts
      • Hestia: blue sparkle top
    • Winning outfit for sexy outfit contest #1 used to create new level up scene for reaching level 7.
  • Fixed
    • Some default outfits were not loading correctly.
  • Known Issues
    • Game will sometimes freeze up when rewinding time.
    • Volume dropdown bar may not appear to be the correct size.
    • Changing the display from windowed mode to fullscreen will cause any currently playing video to disappear. Changing a video scene angle will restore the video.
    • Completed quests do not award experience at this time. This will be added in a future update.
    • Clicking on a character will sometimes not display the character name and health above the character’s head the first time.