Version 0.874

TIP: Select RESET GIRLS’ CLOTHES after updating.

SPECIAL NOTE: This update IS compatible with recent save files. This version of the game introduces three important Main Menu Options:

  • RESET ALL TIMELINES: When new content and features are added, you can select this option to reset all timelines in order to integrate the new content. You will not lose any currency, energy, items, unlocks, clothes, or acquired girls.
  • RESET GIRLS’ CLOTHES: If clothing items are not displayed properly in the clothing menu, select this option to reset all of the girls to their original outfits. (NOTE: this is required after THIS update)
  • RESET ALL SAVE DATE: This is complete reset all save progress including unlocked items, currency, energy, acquired girls, everything. Only use this option to restart from the very beginning.

0.874 Changelog

  • New clothes and accessories!
    • Helda: teal arrow lingerie(buy: smoker in Greek village)
    • Helda: teal leggings (buy: smoker in Greek village)
    • Arethusa: pink leggings (buy: smoker in Greek village)
    • Zoe: red string bikini (loot: wolf)
  • New Features
    • Change movement speed! By popular request, a new choice has been added to the Options menu which allows players to change the speed in which the hero and other characters move on the strategic grid. Four settings are available, with the fastest speed being instant.
    • Automatic zoom for Strategic Grid and Clothing Menu: When you click on a character on the Strategic Grid or in the Clothing Menu, moving your mouse over the character’s pop-up image will zoom in 2x with smooth reverse-scrolling based on the mouse pointer location. Move your mouse off the image to revert to 1x mode. This is a great way to check out the bodies of hot girls.
    • Girls will wear the outfits you pick out for them! In addition to being able to see all of the girls you’ve acquired in Castle Kronos, they will now wear the outfits you pick for them as long as you select “WEAR” when you’re finished.
    • Built-in Online Game Guide: From the main menu click on the game guide. This loads the online guide. It isn’t interactive, but it’s a quick way to find information while keeping the game loaded.
  • Changes
    • Created Options Menu and moved Patreon Menu to subset of Options.
  • Bugs fixed
    • Girls’ outfits will now change when you see them in Castle Kronos if you have changed them on the paperdoll screen and select “TRAVEL”.
    • Fixed dialogue sometimes closing on the last line before the player clicked to advance, or requiring player to click twice to close dialogue at the end.
    • Green fairy works again!
  • Known Issues
    • Movement tiles stay visible during dialogue.
    • Players can purchase and find new clothing items even if they have already been purchased or found. This does not affect gameplay but may lead players to think they found something new when they already have it.
    • Battle map locations do not currently change based on the tile in which players encounter an enemy.
    • When Zoe or Brittany are following you they do not appear on any other strategic maps you travel to. This does not affect gameplay but will be fixed.
    • Battles with the rogue and Heracles still use the old text-based battle system. Will be updated.