Version 0.870

WARNING: This update IS NOT compatible with the previous save file. When you update, your previous save file will be erased. Any girls you’ve taken to the End of Time will need to be reacquired, but all unlocked clothes, including bonus supporter perks, will remain permanently in your account.

0.870 Changelog

  • New Content
    • Character: Helda. Meet Sarina’s Aunt Helda in Salem 1969.
    • Quest: Harvest the raving rabbits (for Helda).
    • Sex Scene: Put lotion on Helda.
    • Videos: Fuck Helda against her front door. (two views)
    • Paperdoll: Take Helda back to your castle and dress her up!
    • New clothes and accessories!
      • Helda starter clothes set: fishnet bra and panties, red romper top and bottoms, brown sandals, thigh-high black lace-ups.
      • Helda: red string bikini (loot Mary Warren)
      • Helda: green string bikini (loot Tituba)
      • Helda: green sandals (rob Dimitris)
  • Changes
    • Major overhaul to in-game video playback system. Videos load faster. Can now play ambient background videos, like new Title screen.
    • Updated scripting system to load dialogue and execute events faster.
  • Bugs fixed
    • Fixed issue with the first scene image not appearing after a video played.
    • Fixed issue with previous save file loading testing data with new game plays.
  • Known Issues
    • Brittany’s outfit does not change when you see her in Castle Kronos if you have changed it on the paperdoll screen. This will be fixed.
    • All captured girls are on the paperdoll system but only Brittany shows up in the castle.
    • Players can purchase and find new clothing items even if they have already been purchased or found. This does not affect gameplay but may lead players to think they found something new when they already have it.
    • Battle map locations do not currently change based on the tile in which players encounter an enemy.
    • When Zoe or Brittany are following you they do not appear on any other strategic maps you travel to. This does not affect gameplay but will be fixed.
    • Battles with the rogue and Heracles still use the old text-based battle system. Will be updated.
  • Upcoming (in the works)
    • In-game tutorial
    • Increasing game resolution to accommodate monitors up to 4k.
    • Companion system allowing Kronos to bring one girl with him on adventures through time. Doctor Who?
    • Sound effects
    • Music
    • Voice acting for major characters
    • New Time Periods
      • San Francisco 1969
    • New Characters
      • Sarina the 18+ Witch
      • Zilda (Sarina’s Aunt)
    • New animations
    • Mobile companion app
      • Connects with PC game to allow players to interact with characters on the go!
      • Progress, currency, energy, and items are transferred between the mobile app and PC game.