Version 0.850

WARNING: This version may not be compatible with the previous save file. After you update, select “Delete Save Progress” from the Main Menu or you may encounter problems.
  • New content
    • Greece 1668 BC
      • Content increased (more coming soon)
      • Encounter Zoe in the future
      • Protect Zoe from wolf attack
      • NOTE: This questline will be finished in the next update.
  • Changes
    • Time Selection menu now starts in the current time period instead of at The Beginning of Time.
    • Pendant of Panacea is now the “Green Fairy,” which works the same way.
    • Added placeholders for Salem 1669 and Salem 1969 on the Time Selection menu.
    • Added new scripting so enemies can appear and attack during dialogue with friendly characters (for the purposes of narrative).
    • Added new scripting so game tracks number of enemies remaining (for the purposes of narrative and game advancement).
    • Enemies will now flee when they drop to 0 health. You can still KILL them when they are at 0.
    • Thief battle is now reasonable rather than OP.
  • Bugs fixed
    • Kronos wasn’t appearing in his last location on the strategic battle map. Now the game will track his location in each map, even if he time jumps.
    • Fixed problem with game locking up while using the Pendant of Panacea (now Green Fairy).
    • Corrected problem with new script file not loading in some circumstances.
  • Known Issues
    • “Press Spacebar to End Turn” message is ugly, I know. It will be refined in the future.
    • Killing the thief (woman in black) and/or her accompanying wolves will not remove her from the world map.
    • Battles with old characters still use the text system. Will be updated soon.
    • Screen does not resize properly when switching back from fullscreen to windowed mode. Can resolve the issue by minimizing then maximizing the game screen.