Version 0.849

Wolves and thieves can attack now!
WARNING: This version is incompatible with the previous save file. After you update, select “Delete Save Progress” from the Main Menu or you may encounter problems.
  • New features
    • Action Points added: Players can perform one non-move action per “turn”. These actions include:
      • Attack
      • Strip
      • Talk
      • Powers (not implemented yet)
      • Grab (not implemented yet)
      • Time Rewind
      • Time Travel
    • Once players are out of Action Points, they can still use their remaining Move spaces, or select Wait to end their turn and replenish the Action Points.
    • Enemies will now ATTACK!
    • LifeForce, Energy, and Action Points indicators added to strategic maps.
    • Message pops up to let players know they are out of Action Points and can press spacebar to end their turn.
  • Changes
    • Game launcher splash screen added while update info loads.
    • Decreased size of Game Launcher to accommodate laptops and tablets with 125% zoomed UI or smaller screens (this does not affect the 1920×1080 resolution of the game).
  • Bugs fixed
    • Some minor screen issues.
  • Known Issues
    • Pendant of Panacea is currently not working. Will be fixed in the next update.
    • Thief battle WAY too OP.
    • “Press Spacebar to End Turn” message is ugly, I know. It will be refined in the future.
    • IMPORTANT: Going to Greece 1968 BC is somewhat limited at this point and may cause some unexpected issues. These will be addressed in an update coming very soon.
    • Killing the thief (woman in black) and/or her accompanying wolves will not remove her from the world map.
    • Battles with old characters still use the text system. Will be updated soon.
    • Screen does not resize properly when switching back from fullscreen to windowed mode. Can resolve the issue by minimizing then maximizing the game screen.