Version 0.848

WARNING: This NEW version is incompatible with the previous save file. After you update, select “Delete Save Progress” from the Main Menu or you may encounter problems.
  • New features
    • New website:
    • Game Launcher can delete all game files, allowing players to either delete the game entirely or re-install all of the files.
  • New Patreon Perk (Patreon Level 2+)
    • Holding down SPACEBAR during dialogue will fast-forward through everything until the next player interaction. WARNING: you won’t be able to re-read the dialogue until you restart the timeline and encounter that conversation again.
  • Changes
    • Update to Game Launcher to include better version announcements.
    • Increased size of Game Launcher.
  • Bugs fixed
    • Rewinding time would not always reset Kronos’ position on the strategic map.
    • Fixed some incorrect information in the in-game guide.
    • Cleaned up and optimized some code so the strategic map menus respond better.
  • Known Issues
    • IMPORTANT: Going to Greece 1968 BC is somewhat limited at this point and may cause some unexpected issues. These will be addressed in an update coming very soon.
    • Action points have not been added yet, so player can currently attack multiple times (on the strategic map) without the other characters responding.
    • Killing the thief (woman in black) and/or her accompanying wolves will not remove her from the world map.
    • Enemies on the Battle Map currently do not attack back. This will be fixed soon.
    • Battles with old characters still use the text system. Will be updated soon.
    • Dual-monitors might run into an issue where the computer locks up while running the game in fullscreen mode.
    • The help items and tutorial have some issues at the moment, as they were written for an older version of the game. An update tutorial will be forthcoming.