Version 0.846

  • WARNING: This version is not compatible with the old save file. If you encounter a problem, delete your save data from the Main Menu.
  • New Content
    • Greece 1698 BC Now Available!
      • Jump 8 months into the future to see how your choices play out.
      • Currently only “The Shack” changes in the future.
      • WARNING: Limited content at the moment in order to make sure the new time travel system is working.
      • More changes to come.
    • Interact with Zoe in the future now. Where is she?
  • New features
    • Fight or Flight system added. Other characters on the strategic map will either flee from Kronos or attack him in response to being attacked.
      • NPC actions currently:
        • Stand in place
        • Move randomly
        • Travel to a specific location
        • Flee from Kronos
        • Follow Kronos
      • NPC actions being added soon:
        • Attack (melee)
        • Attack (ranged)
    • Added Powers/Travel option in Kronos’ personal menu. Can now jump to the time selection screen from the strategic map.
    • World Map now displays the location and year Kronos is currently in.
    • Added CREDITS to Main Menu. Features every supporter who has contributed at least $50 and has requested to be added to the credits.
  • Changes
    • Can now speed up dialogue and advance it by clicking anywhere or pressing SPACEBAR instead of having to click inside the dialogue window.
    • The “Panic! at the Kronos” quick-hide buttons have been changed from “ENTER” and “SPACEBAR” to “ESC” and “-” (on the numpad).
    • Refined the script loading code so menus appear faster and are more responsive.
  • Bugs fixed
    • Old text would sometimes appear when new dialogue was started.
    • Menu background would sometimes appear smaller after player encountered a scene in which he can zoom.
    • Other characters would disappear when starting a chat in the strategic map.
    • Frame for Kronos on the World Map did not always match Patreon level after restarting timeline.
    • Fixed issue where NPCs would appear in the wrong place after restarting a timeline.
    • Fixed an issue where temporary files were not being cleared.
  • Known Issues
    • IMPORTANT: Going to Greece 1968 BC is somewhat limited at this point and may cause some unexpected issues. These will be addressed in the next update.
    • Action points have not been added yet, so player can currently attack multiple times (on the strategic map) without the other characters responding.
    • Killing the thief (woman in black) and/or her accompanying wolves will not remove her from the world map.
    • Enemies on the Battle Map currently do not attack back. This will be fixed soon.
    • Battles with old characters still use the text system. Will be updated soon.
    • Dual-monitors might run into an issue where the computer locks up while running the game in fullscreen mode.
    • The help items and tutorial have some issues at the moment, as they were written for an older version of the game. An update tutorial will be forthcoming.

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