Titan Powers

As the Titan of Time, you have more than just the power of time travel at your disposal. And as you travel to different time periods and locations, you will acquire new powers to aid your quest.


Reset a timeline to the state when you first traveled there. This will reset all of your interactions as well. Dead enemies and characters come back to life, and girls you scared away don’t know you anymore.

Time Travel

Jump to another time and place. From the Strategic Grid, activate this by clicking on Kronos and selecting Powers. You can also choose Time Selection from the Main Menu.

Mind Control

Bonus Power for Level 3+ supporters. From the Strategic Grid, activate this power on certain girls and manipulate their minds so they call you whatever you want!


Not officially a Titan Power, this ability allows you to remove clothing from an enemy or another character up to 5 times. Just click on the character and select Strip!

Eagle Eye Her Cherry

When you are viewing a scene, you can zoom in on any part of the girls by right-clicking! Then, when you want to see the big picture again, right-click!

More Powers Coming Soon!