Supporter Perks

As a financial contributor to the development of Kronos Time Titan, you are entitled to special bonus perks depending on your level of support. These are just a way for me to show my appreciate of you. These perks may change and new bonuses are added from time to time, so check back here to see what each support tier has to offer!

Level 1 (boyfriend)

  • Able to download the Kronos game launcher and update program which will let you get the latest version with the click of a button!
  • Access to Discord server for help or to share ideas.
  • Always experience the newest locations and updated timelines!

Level 2 (lover)

All Level 1 Perks PLUS:

  • Turbo Mode! Hold down the spacebar to rapidly advance through dialogue and skip to the next time you need to select a response.
  • Exclusive in-game Blue Fairy: this sweet fairy will recharge your LifeForce if you get too low!

Level 3 (sugar daddy)

All Levels 1 & 2 Perks PLUS:

  • Exclusive in-game Red Fairy: another tasty fairy to recharge your LifeForce a second time!
  • Access to Patreon exclusive Bonus Menu:
    • Give yourself unlimited power and wealth
    • Make godlike adjustments to some of the character traits: age adjustments or change how girls address you.
    • Activate Hover Mode which allows you to fly around the world maps to quickly reach any location.

Level 4 (paramore)

All Levels 1-4 Perks PLUS:

  • VIP access to exclusive Discord channel for only Level 4 & 5 supporters.
  • Greater input on design decisions.
  • Polling votes weighed more heavily.
  • Make critical design and content decisions including new timeline locations, girls, and game features.
  • Massive appreciation from Scarlett! <3

Level 5 (master)

All Levels 1-4 Perks PLUS:

  • Once a month, after your support donation clears, you will be able to request a new scene for an existing character, a new sex option, or another reasonable addition. You are also welcome to write a draft of the dialogue between characters. This is limited within the scope of the game, and some requests may need adjustments for legal or common sense purposes.
    • Due to the nature of this level, and the extra work involved, the number of supporters who can join this tier is limited.
  • Request to have your name or username added to the in-game credits permanently!

In Game Credits

For all supporters: once your total contributions reach $50 you can request to have your name or username added to the in-game credits permanently.