Strategy Grid

This is where all the action takes place. Depending on where the Kronos token landed, you may explore a town, outside location, or engage in a battle.


When it’s your turn, the movement grid will display numbers on each space Kronos can move to. These numbers represent how many move points it will cost to move Kronos to that location.

Click on a space to move Kronos to that location. If you didn’t use all of your movement points, the grid will refresh to show which spaces you can currently move to.

Movement points do not need to be used all at once, however, once you take an action, you will lose all remaining move points. Don’t worry! You’ll get more after all of the other characters take their turns.


You can make Kronos perform actions from the Strategy Grid. Actions can range from attacking to talking, stripping NPCs to using Titan Powers.

Most actions use up one AP (Action Point). Kronos starts with the ability to use one AP per turn.

To perform an action on another character (NPCs), click on the square of an NPC. An action menu will pop up.

NPC Actions (clockwise)

  • LifeForce Orb: The red circle shows an NPC’s LifeForce.
  • Attack: The clashing swords allow you to attack an NPC. When their LifeForce is empty, this will change to a red Kill option.
  • Kill: When the enemy has 0 HP left, you can choose to kill them. Doing so will give Kronos a loot reward, which could be energy, currency, or special items like new outfits for girls.
  • Strip: If the NPC can be stripped, and has low enough LifeForce, you can command Kronos to rip some of the NPC’s clothes off.
  • Talk: Kronos will communicate with an NPC, both friendly and enemies.
  • Grab: (to be added)
  • Powers: (to be added)

Kronos Actions (left to right)

  • Powers: Use a Titan Power on Kronos
    • Rewind: Reset the current time period and jump back to the starting point on the map.
    • Travel: Open the Time Selection screen and travel to a different time period and location.
  • Menu: Open the main menu.
  • Wait: Ends your turn and allows the NPCs to take their turns.

End of Turn

Once you have moved Kronos where you want and have taken an action, your turn will automatically end.

There are actually 5 different ways to end your turn.

  • Use all of your move spaces.
  • Take an action.
  • Double-click the right mouse button
  • Right-click and hold down the button
  • Press the spacebar

Special feature! If you want to skip multiple turns and allow the NPCs to take their turns over and over again, you can right-click and hold the button for as long as you want. The NPCs will continue to perform actions until you release the button.