Installing and Activating

Installing Kronos Time Titan is easy and doesn’t create icons on your start menu or desktop. You can install it to any folder you want, even a flash drive!

Download KronosTimeTitan.exe from Patreon, SubscribStar, or wherever find adult games are sold.

Move KronosTimeTitan.exe to any file directory you want. We recommend creating a folder called C:/Games/Kronos and putting the file in there, but you can put the game just about anywhere!

Run KronosTimeTitan.exe

Click Activate and enter the email address you use for Patreon or SubscribeStar.

Once the activation is successful, click back and you should see the Update button light up! Click it to download the latest version of Kronos!

In the future, when you run KronosTimeTitan.exe, if there is an update, the Update button will light up again. It will not re-download the entire game, only the files which were updated since the last time you updated the game.

One the game has finished downloading, you’re ready to play!