Kronos Time Titan is a sandbox game which allows you to choose where you want to go and what you want to do. While the main plot involves recovering all of Kronos’ Titan Powers, you are not limited to a specific linear course of action. Kronos Time Titan is not a visual novel, it is a game in which YOU decide what happens.

If you get stuck or don’t know what to do, here are some ideas to get you moving.

  • Visit The Beginning of Time
    • Learn how to Attack an enemy (the wolf)
    • Learn how to Talk to an NPC (the woman in the red dress)
    • Learn how to Strip NPCs (the same woman)
    • Learn how to exit a Strategy Grid (find the space with the green boarder)
  • Travel to Greece 1969 BC
    • Search for Arethusa (the girl in the blue dress)
      • Talk to her and see if you can earn her trust (if you mess up and she keeps running away from you, click on the yellow clock icon at the top right of the map to rewind the timeline and try talking to her again with a different approach)
      • After you have your first intimate scene with Arethusa, try rewinding the timeline and exploring a different intimate scene with her.
    • Enter the village near the center of the map.
      • Talk to villagers and see if you can find out where Heracles is (who has one of your Titan Powers).
      • Talk Leopold into giving you some time with Zoe.
    • Battle enemies on the World Map
      • Wolves, thieves, and rogues are a great way to earn Energy and Currency, which you can use to purchase items, services, and invoke your Titan Powers (once you earn them).
    • Find the traveling merchant, Hydna, and purchase a green fairy, which can restore your LifeForce when it is reduced to zero.
    • Experiment with time travel!
      • Actions in Greece 1669 BC will affect things in 1668 BC. For example, if you kill Hydna in 1669, she will no longer exist in 1668. Don’t worry! If you need to bring her back to life, just go to the time period in which you killed her and rewind the timeline. This will reset everything you did during that timeline (Note, you will not lose your Energy, Currency, any items you purchased, or any Titan Powers you have unlocked).
    • Explore and experiment!
      • As the Titan of Time, you can do anything you want! You can’t break the timeline, or ruin any quest or story possibilities, because you have the power to turn back time!
        • Attack anyone you want!
        • Talk to animals!
        • Looks for secrets!
        • Try stripping NPCs!