“Why do I need an internet connection the whole time I play Kronos Time Titan? Are you watching me fap?”

The internet connection is only needed when you run the game launcher and when the game first loads in order to unlock any special Patreon support thank you perks. It checks if a player is beta testing new features or content. In the near future, it will also be used to connect players to the mobile companion app.

“This game is not as good as this other game on Patreon. You should make it more like that game.”

The game you’re thinking of has likely been in development for years longer than Kronos and has a budget 20-50 times larger. I am one developer who is currently spending 100% of the monthly earnings from Kronos on assets. If you would like to help support development, you are absolutely welcome to share your ideas about the game.

“RenPy can do everything your buggy game can do. Why did you write a game from scratch when there’s already a popular VN engine available?”

While I absolutely respect what other developers are doing with their games, there are a lot of things a visual novel engine simply cannot do. When first planning Kronos, I considered the limitations of RenPy when making the decision to write this game from the ground up. Every new game engine has bugs, but when you really look at what Kronos has the potential to do, you’ll see the difference.

“I’m insulted that a woman is writing a game like this and I express it through criticism of the game itself.”

Feel free to read the interview I did for more insight on your issues: Candid Taboo: Intimate Chat With A Pornographic Game Designer